All Services That We Provide

Cloud Migration

From the best private cloud to internationally recognized public clouds, we transform how you work, with leading cloud migration and operation services that can handle the demands of any organization. Through the migration of critical business application workloads to the cloud, it is our goal to increase the enterprise's productivity, efficiency, productivity, and agility, as well as the level of operational resilience. Using cloud-native practices and continuous deployment platforms in your enterprise environment would be highly beneficial. 
1) Cloud Readiness & Assessment
The Cloud Readiness Assessment provides a way for us to determine if your business or application is suitable for migration to the cloud or not. Our team sets up a suitable environment for the organization so that the migration process can go smoothly.

2) Cloud Discovery & Assessment
A comprehensive cloud discovery is performed by our team in order to gain a complete understanding of your business. With all the relevant information, we can create a cloud migration roadmap that ensures a smooth cloud migration.

3) Cloud Migration
By leveraging our years of experience in this field, our firm is able to assist our clients in migrating services, applications, databases, and IT resources to the cloud, in the most efficient and effective way possible.

4) Cloud Architecture Services
Based on your business requirements, we will evaluate your cloud scenario and recommend the best application architecture and platform. As pioneers of new-age cloud computing architectures, we help you select the cloud that is right for your needs.

5) Cloud Cost Optimization
The experience, proven methods, and innovative technology we provide can help businesses of all sizes reduce the costs associated with the cloud. Make a cloud solution that fits your business goals and application architecture at a lower cost. 

6) Cloud Automation & Operations
Our team will support you through the entire automation process, regardless of how mature your process is. We help you achieve full automation potential across your business by leveraging our end-to-end cloud automation capabilities.

7) Cloud Governance
Typically, a cloud governance strategy refers to the rules and policies that companies implement when using the cloud for the operation of their business. With cloud governance, we facilitate cloud operations, improve security, and manage risk.

8) Cloud Maturity Assessment
To help you and your organization maximize the benefits of your cloud strategy and ensure that you are prepared for the future with the best strategy possible, we employ cloud maturity assessments. 

9) Cloud Security
Our migration services ensure that all your business information is fully protected and that any threats are detected and dealt with in a prompt and effective manner, such as network attacks and vulnerabilities, malware, ransomware, and unauthorized system changes.

10) Cloud Native & Application Modernisation
Cloud migration and operations do not end with migration, our team goes above and beyond to make sure your cloud application remains current with market trends to ensure your business stays competitive.

11) SRE & Observability
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is the use of automation and software engineering in the context of cloud-based technologies that have emerged to efficiently resolve issues in the cloud.             

DevOps Services

With our DevOps Services, your cloud operations will be faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before, ultimately reducing your costs. INFRACLD is a young and innovative DevOps development company staffed by highly skilled DevOps developers who use appropriate tools and methods to automate the end-to-end software development process. 

We have a specialty in developing a transparent DevOps strategy so that enterprises can easily adopt and use our DevOps strategy without having any doubts in their minds. With experience in cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other offerings, our team is able to manage all kinds of cloud platforms. 
1) Continuous Integration (CI)
By integrating all code changes into our centralized repository, we are able to reduce the testing time, improve software quality, and find bugs faster thanks to our DevOps development strategy.

2) Code Management
Our efforts to implement code management within our practices can help to ensure that the organization is able to maintain track of all the versions (revisions) made to the system over time. 

3) Microservices
Our highly proficient DevOps developers utilize a set of small, highly specialized services that run their own processes and are all connected through an HTTP API, allowing them to communicate with each other and conduct their own jobs.

4) Cloud Platform
Our enterprise DevOps team works on a wide range of cloud platform providers - AWS, MS Azure, and so on to advise our clients on which platform will result in the greatest return on investment for their business. 

5) Monitoring
Our DevOps development services utilize a wide array of techniques to monitor, capture, categorize, and analyze data & log files in an effort to measure the performance of applications and infrastructure.

6) Continuous Testing
As part of our continuous testing services, we ensure that every enterprise application is tested at every stage of its development lifecycle in order to identify potential problems, handle them, and enhance quality.

7) Log management
We offer end-to-end log management services in order to collect, parse, store, analyze, and dispose of log data centrally so that troubleshooting, performance improvements, or security monitoring can be supported.

Training and consulting

To help our clients gain full control over their company’s business processes, we offer a number of consultation and training services aimed at giving you all the practical knowledge to do most of your business in-house, instead of hiring third party companies. We are trained to train your team to acquire new skills which are essential to your company’s growth.
1) Digital marketing management
2) Web development
3) Managment on Software Projects
4) Application audits and reviews

Custom development

Often companies approach us without knowing whether they actually require a software developed - or should they simply buy a ready-made solution? This is what we call the ‘build vs buy’ struggle.
1) Tailor-made platforms to fit your need
2) Control over scale and functionality
3) Security against external attacks
4) Works on desktop, made for mobile